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Quilt Blanket

Have you ever heard of the quilt blanket? It’s a creative and fun way to give a thoughtful gift to your family/friends. We all know that quilts are warmer than regular blankets, and it’s also a good way to keep your house warm, so why not have one in every single room?

Christmas Quilt Blanket

What is a Christmas Quilt Blanket? Each Christmas quilt blanket uses fabric from your past Christmas quilts to create a new blanket. In fact, you can use fabric from any of your favorite quilts. The concept behind a Christmas quilt blanket is that you cut each square of your favorite quilts into strips and then sew them together to create a new quilt. It is perfect for using up scraps left over from previous patterns, making something useful out of items that are no longer useful as clothing, or for saving memories that may eventually fade away with time.

Fahter’s Day Quilt Blanket

This delightful quilt is quick and easy, whether you like to piece or not. And with it’s mitered corners, it is a snap to finish this lovely blanket in just a couple of weeks. We’ve stitched one for dad (but haven’t sent it yet) and one for his brother, who knows about it. We can’t wait to see their faces when they open up a gift from us!

Mother’s Day Quilt Blanket

I have seen lots of hoopla about Mother’s Day, but if your mom doesn’t already have a special day, lets make it one by making her this Mother’s Day quilt blanket. Your mom will be so pleased to get this blanket on Mother’s Day and she will let you know too!

Halloween Quilt Blanket

If you love Halloween like I do, then you will love these Halloween Quilt Blankets! I made Halloween blankets for my family and used my crappy old sewing machine that I bought at a garage sale in high school. It was fun sewing the Halloween quilt blankets with my mom, sister and her kids.

Saint Patrick’s Day Quilt Blanket

Enjoying a Saint Patrick’s Day Quilt Blanket by your side will be a perfect way to create the right mood, and make you feel warm. This unique quilt will be a great choice for those who prefer something unordinary, cozied up in blankets while sipping on their favorite drink. Perhaps it would be a nice gift to a friend or loved one who’s really into this holiday or just appreciate the uniqueness of this item. You’ll definitely fall in love with it.

Valentine Day Quilt Blanket

When it comes to Valentine Day, people often think about candy, flowers and romantic dates. However, more and more people are also aware of the importance of showing their love on this day. That’s why it is a good idea to consider the many options you have when it comes to the Valentine Day Quilt Blanket. While it used to be associated with romance, now you can give it as a gift to your friends and loved ones

Graduation Day Quilt Blanket

Graduation day is a happy day for the grad and his family. A young person is ready to move on to the next level of life, is given a lot of advice and wishes, but first of all — given a gift! Quilt blanket as a gift symbolizes a warm embrace of parents as well as fascinating experience of building together with the child. Having gone through this process twice myself, my husband and I came to realize what makes the Graduation Day Quilt Blanket memorable.

Veterans Day Quilt Blanket

I would like to thank all veterans who fought hard for the freedom that so many of us enjoy today. If you are like me, then it’s likely that several people in your life have been touched by the military. Maybe a close family member, or even a friend who is currently serving our great country. I’ve prepared this free Veterans Day quilt pattern for you to display as a way to honor veterans everywhere.

Baseball – MLB Quilt Blanket

Hey, what’s up. We wanted to introduce you this MLB quilt blanket. It’s really cool and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do. It represents each baseball club one by one, nice and accurate. We’ve selected 7 of the more popular clubs for now; but who knows, maybe in the future we’ll add more. Each of them has its own color scheme, logo etc… We’ve also added a bunch of other stuff related to the traditional baseball: batting, ball parks – the whole 9 yards.

Basketball – NBA Quilt Blanket

I bought this basketball – NBA quilt blanket and it is really awesome. It is really nice in sort of a popcorn or quilted pattern and the company has done a great job of helping me out with my questions about the item and shipping etc. Not only does it do exactly what I want it to do but also doesn’t look bad either. The softness of individual quilts and the muted colors lend to its fashion-worthiness.

Football – NFL Quilt Blanket

This quilt blanket is the perfect gift for the sports lover. It can be used for a picnic, a day at the beach, so you can curl up on the couch to watch your favorite sport, or take it with you to watch your team play the game in person. Whatever your plan, this quilt will keep you cozy in softness and comfort. The materials are all from our own soil and are 100% safe for babies of all ages. The NFL team logos are screen printed on each panel with care taken to ensure that no harmful chemicals were used in any phase of production. Just a reminder that mom or dad need one too!


A quilt blanket is a simple, thin blanket used to create a cozy nest environment for a child. They are made using very thin fabric and sewing squares together in patterns. Often quilt blankets will use different textured fabrics such as soft fabrics like flannel or chenille with fun prints on them.