6 New Things You Need to Know About The Upcoming ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Movie

Thor: Love and Thunder

With the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder” movie, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Natalie Portman’s version of Thor, & fans are eager to find out more about her transformation. We were lucky enough to sit down with Taika Waititi the director of the latest installment in Marvel’s Thor franchise and ask some questions regarding Natalie Portman’s character, among other things involving the new movie. Here’s what he had to say!

Thor Will Lose His Hammer Mjolnir, Again

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Marvel is about to make a big change in the comic book world. Thor will lose his hammer Mjolnir. Mjolnir is one of Thor’s most famous attributes, and losing it will undoubtedly have impacts on the franchise. While this new development may seem like an interesting addition to the comic books, we have to ask ourselves what Marvel is thinking.

Natalie Portman Is Returning as Jane Foster

It’s official! Natalie Portman is returning as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder!. The film will be based on the comics of the same name, which sees Jane take on the mantle of The Mighty Thor after Thor Odinson loses his ability to wield Mjolnir. According to Deadline, Portman has closed a deal and will be starring in both parts of the Chris Hemsworth-free installment of the series.

Jane Foster Will Become Mighty Thor

Jane Foster will become Mighty Thor. When the news broke, the fans had something to say. The first reaction was shock, some couldn’t believe it while others were happy with the change. In this article we’ll see why Jane Foster is the perfect choice and how she’ll become Mighty Thor  after a scientific experiment gone wrong. We’ll also see the character progression of Jane Foster and the Avengers & God of Thunder’s fans’ reaction after her ascension to the role of a mighty superhero.

Marvel’s First LGBTQ Character, Valkyrie, Has Been Cast

Thor: Love and Thunder Marvel's First LGBTQ Character, Valkyrie, Has Been Cast

Marvel’s first LGBTQ character has finally been cast, and I’m freaking out for more reasons than one. Actress Tessa Thompson of Thor: Ragnarok fame will act as Valkyrie in the upcoming series. Why am I freaking out? Because this step is helping to diversify the Marvel Universe, which is something we all know is long overdue.

Jane Foster is Cancer-Free in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

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Jane Foster is cancer-free in Thor: Love and Thunder. That’s not a typo. We don’t know what her storyline will be after her co-writer Jason Aaron revealed last year that Foster would be “struggling with the loss of her ability to heal people” in the new Marvel movie but know she won’t go down the same path as the comics.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Will Appear in ‘Thor 4’

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talked about the future of the MCU and how it will play out in Phase 4 of the MCU. He mentioned that Thor 4 would be adapting a “Planet Hulk” storyline – and it would be adapted with The Guardians of the Galaxy being involved.

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Conclusion Thor: Love and Thunder

The upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie will change a lot of what we now know about Thor and the rest of the Avengers, but it’s worth looking forward to nonetheless. There are going to be some interesting developments in the MCU, so stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release of this movie in theaters late next year.

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