10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From My Daughter

Mother's Day Gift Ideas From My Daughter

This is a post-it note from my daughter. She wanted to write you a letter to tell you how much she loves you, but she didn’t want to use pen and paper. Instead, I sat her down with an iPad which has an app that turns photos into a silly movie. She dictated each frame as I added it to the iPad.  Then I uploaded the result to YouTube for you to enjoy. Here are her 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Flowers For Mother’s Day Gift

Flowers For Mother's Day Gift

My daughter is such a sweet girl. Today she asked me, “Mom, what would you like for Mother’s Day?” I answered her, “A card and some flowers” and she said, “MOM! That’s no fun!” then she looked at my face, shrugged her shoulders and walked away with her hands in the air. She’d just found out I was going to write an article about flowers & Mother’s Day gift ideas from my daughter and had done a complete 180… and back around again.

Breakfast In Bed

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The greatest Mother’s day gift I could ask for is breakfast in bed. Yes, that’s right breakfast. Since I can remember, my dad has made breakfast in bed for me on Easter, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed was just something we did in our house when I was growing up and it became a tradition that my husband continued. What makes it so special is the fact that there is no other holiday (besides Christmas) where my kids above all else want to spend the day with their mother than Mother’s Day.

A Day Of Relaxation (A Spa Visit)

A Day Of Relaxation (A Spa Visit)

Have you tried to think of unique gifts for moms? It’s easier said than done. There are a lot of gift options out there on the market, and it’s easy for your creativity to fizzle out. I went to a spa recently and left with some great ideas for mother’s day gifts from my daughter. This has led me to put together my own Mother’s Day gift guide that might help you in choosing the ideal gift she’ll treasure forever.

New Jewelry

New Jewelry

Hi Mom, Here are some jewelry mother’s day gift ideas I’ve picked out for you. I know that you love pearls and these beautiful handmade pearl earrings will look perfect with your favorite dress. I love the simple and delicate design of these elegant pearl studs. They really complement your hairstyle!

Pictures – A Scrapbook Or Photo Frame

Pictures - A Scrapbook Or Photo Frame

Here are some pictures my daughter made for the mother’s day gift ideas collection. I’ve attached four images of the gift set “Pictures – a scrapbook or photo frame” my daughter prepared, as well as two pictures of the packaging, which is designed to look like a scrapbook. The gift set comes with everything you’ll need to create a real scrapbook or photo album that can be displayed on a shelf in your home or given as a heartfelt gift.

An Evening Out (Movie, Dinner Or Concert)

An Evening Out (Movie, Dinner Or Concert)

So here are some gift ideas for the mothers in your life. If you can’t think of what to get them, give them one of these. They’ll love it. And everyone knows that mom’s are a little crazy and getting them a movie – dinner – or concert ticket will take their mind off of that for a little bit. That’s better than flowers or chocolate any day of the week.

Handmade Gifts From Kids Are Always A Winner

Handmade Gifts From Kids Are Always A Winner

Handmade gifts are always winners when it comes to mothers. When I was 7 years old, my Mom wanted me to make a picture frame for her. She was going to hang it in the kitchen over her refrigerator. The picture was of my sister and I on a rock climbing wall in our neighborhood park. She really loved that picture so I knew that I had to get it for her for Mother’s Day.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is always a tough holiday for me to shop for because my mom has EVERYTHING, but I want her to have something special from me. Fortunately, I found the most beautiful personalized mother’s day gifts on the wonderful site called Custom Silk Flower Bouquets. They really have such great items that are sure to please any mom out there.

Gift Certificates For Her Favorite Store Or Restaurant

Gift Certificates For Her Favorite Store Or Restaurant

Are you struggling to come up with a gift for the woman who has everything? My mother is such a woman! She has everything she could possibly want or need and then some. This makes buying her Christmas presents every year a real chore. But what about Mother’s Day? Well, I decided to go with gift certificates for her favorite store or restaurant, but which ones? There are so many chain restaurants and stores that it can be hard to choose. In this post, I’ll provide some suggestions based on how my daughter made the decision to buy her gifts.

Time Spent Together Other Than On Mother’s Day Itself – Consider A Weekend Getaway Or Trip To A City She Enjoys Visiting

It is that time of year again. My daughter is beginning to ask me what I’m getting her mother for mothers day. My daughter asks me this same question every year and it never gets any easier to answer. No matter how old my child is, I know she will always be my little girl, who loves her mother dearly.


Mother’s Day is about celebrating the women in your life for the amazing, indispensable things they do. And if you’re looking for an affordable gift with a fun twist, why not consider one of these ten options? The fact that they came from the hands of someone who looks up to you might just win your momma’s heart over, and if any of these gifts really strike a chord with her, you might be able to make it a tradition where you are the one making gifts from now on.

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